Our Approach

Our Approach

LA has spent many years developing, applying and refining our regimented, goal-orient problem solving approach. Our first step is to develop a clear and detailed understanding of the client's objectives. Given those objectives, our staff develops a concise action plan considering applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Site-specific data forms the foundation of our approach. LA is proficient at collecting, compiling, and managing environmental, hydrologic, and geologic data. Our staff utilize their skills at developing relational databases and computer programming to efficiently quantify a conceptual model. Staff will thoroughly evaluate available data using various quantitative techniques. We often use statistical, analytical, and/or numerical methods as well as interpolative/extrapolative models. LA has developed rigorous report writing and graphical templates to aid in the coherent and discernable presenting our work.

Our Clients' Objectives

Effective problem-solving begins with knowing what problem to solve. We make sure that we have a thorough understanding of our clients' values and objectives before we start anything else.

Developing a Plan

Efficient problem-solving is planned out before data collection and analysis begins. Our plans consider what data is most useful in accomplishing the objectives, and the most optimal way to get that data.

Collecting Data

Resilient problem-solving is based on meaningful data and objective analysis. We use robust and unbiased methods of data collection and analysis to generate high-quaility, defensible results.

Presenting Results

Productive problem-solving does not understate the importance of effective communication. We present results and conclusions so that is meaningful to both the expert and the layman.